Investing in Dividend Growth Stocks

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"Time is the friend of the wonderful company, the enemy of the mediocre." Warren Buffett

A Safer More Realistic Path To Financial Freedom

Slow growth never amounts to much. High growth usually fizzles out. Over the long term, moderate growth is the only growth that can be maintained -- and still make you rich. Moderate growth is a hallmark of dividend growth stocks.

To succeed as a dividend growth investor, you need patience, time, and high-quality dividend growth stocks growing at stable, moderate, and sustainable rates and selling at reasonable valuations or better.

This book explains all you need to know about investing in dividend growth stocks.

In Part I, it explains dividends, dividend reinvestment, and dividend growth. In Part II, it builds toward criteria for picking great dividend growth stocks and explains how to value these stocks properly. Primarily, these criteria revolve around traits of the business with dividends falling out almost naturally from companies of the right maturity and quality -- and proper valuation putting the defining mark to the whole story. In Part III, it shows you how to search for dividend growth stocks; presents twenty high-quality dividend growth stocks to consider, explaining the business and risks, and analyzing and valuing them; describes dividend growth mutual funds and ETFs; and among other things explains how to build and monitor a dividend growth portfolio, including examples of conservative and more aggressive portfolios.

Over the long term, great companies grow at rates few investors can match. Let the long-term compounding of earnings and dividends work their magic for you. In time, your wealth will soar. Long-term investing properly implemented builds fortunes.

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